Project Overview

AE2 Commander aims to explore the role of ‘serious gaming’ and simulation as strategies for online learning in the archives space. The project also explores the transformational potential of serious gaming in terms of user engagement with archival sources.

AE2 Commander consists of the following software deliverables: 

1.    AE2 Commander 2-D – A web site and online exhibition describing the history of AE2 and containing hyper links to original archival sources and stakeholder sites.   

2.    AE2 Commander 3-D – A 3-D game and simulation (rendered in 2-D) created with the Torque 3D Gaming Engine. This deliverable contains the same original sources delivered as avatar based narration or as digital copy. In the role of Commander, players have complete control over the critical submarine control functions of diving, surfacing, trim, speed and direction. The player undertakes a mission based on an authentic scenario.

3.    Learning with AE2 Commander – A sequence of learning tasks and questions aimed at understanding the learning experience offered by AE2 Commander. The Challenge is delivered via the Qualtrics survey engine. If you would like to participate in the Challenge, follow this link and keep the survey open as you work through the problems using AE2 Commander 2-D or AE2 Commander 3-D. All questions are answerable from both the 2-D and 3-D sources. If you do not wish to participate in the learning challenge, complete other sections of the survey aimed at assessing your engagement with and reaction to AE2 Commander.

Your mission objective is an authentic one from Commander Stoker's orders on 23 April 1915:

  • To navigate safe passage through the Dardanelles Strait to the Narrows at Chanak

To achieve this objective, you will have to devise a strategy to avoid fire from Turkish forts and pass successfully through Turkish minefields. You will also have to learn how to control the submarine and preserve its vitality. You can use digitised copy of archives and manuscripts to help you with these tasks.


AE2 Commander is the work of a team of contributors including Dr Martin Masek (ECU), Dr Mark Brogan (ECU), Simon Jonikis (ECU), Dr Roger Neill (DSTO), Dr Minh Tranh (ECU), Associate Professor Phil Hingston (ECU), Gregory Bruyer, Clint Davis, Serge Astahov, Sen Gao (ECU), Essam Ashraf (ECU), James Hartley (ECU), Jason Forster (ECU), Dr Daniel Grimwood (iVEC), Robert Mollard (CSIRO) and Jon Agar (ECU).

The authors also acknowledge NAA and AWM staff who have facilitated the work of the project including Bill Edwards (NAA), Mark Brennan (NAA), Margaret Wade (NAA), Paul Dalgleish (NAA), Janelle Wilson (NAA), Anne Piggott (NAA) and Andrew Currey (AWM).

The team also gives thanks to Mr Ken Greig Captain RAN (Retired), Company Secretary AE2 Commemorative Foundation Ltd, for his advocacy and support of the project.